Monday, December 14, 2009

Carolyn's Tutorial

There's a pretty cool journal cover description over on Carolyn's blog "Mindless Wonders" all about using alcohol inks on glue covered copper. She say's she used a sheet of copper that she textured with a hammer and then covered with Aleens clear tacky glue (fairly thickly) and added drops of two different colors of Alcohol inks then dabbed it lightly with a makeup sponge. She then added the image and let it dry. Then she covered it with another layer of the glue and added a little more Alcohol ink and dabbed again with the makeup sponge. She also moved the alcohol ink away from the image with the sponge. After letting it dry over night it was ready for use.

Pretty cool Carolyn!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wrecked is Beautiful!

Check out Kim's beautiful blog, and it's getting more beautiful by the minute with new header and background. Hmmmmm! Our wrecking is featured and it's beautiful too!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Puppets and Animated Story-Telling on YouTube

If you are interested in encouraging animating puppets and story-telling in the class room or in your art room, you might want to look at these short videos for ideas.

U film major Keri Hopkins engages 5th grade students by teaching them how to make their own cutout animation.

Keita Funamoto and Masahide Kobayashi's stop-motion and flash animation
from Tokyo, Japan.

This video is Keita Funamoto Puppet and Clay Animation School's Student film.

Lior's second single from his second album 'Corner Of An Endless Road' featuring Sia in duet. Shot by award winning director, Natasha Pincus. This clip is a "Stories from the Ground Puppetry" and "Starkraving Productions" collaboration.

Animation by Tany & Subrin Our first cut out animation for Intro to Animation final project semester 3, SEGi University College Kota Damansara, Malaysia

The Little Chimney Sweep, a 1954 film by Lotte Reiniger

Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Altering recycled books into sketchbooks" By Jean Littlejohn

This came in an email today from Quilting Arts so I'm sure they wouldn't mind if it is shared!:

Boost Your Creative Vision

If you ever get the chance to take a class with Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn (a.k.a. Double Trouble Enterprises), jump at it. They are two of the most innovative people I know when it comes to creative embroidery and textile art. Plus, they are just a hoot to be with!

Jan and Jean are fearless when it comes to artistic experimentation and firmly believe in the practice of sketchbook keeping to inspire ideas for textile work. However, we all know that the blank page can be very daunting.

A couple years ago in our sister publication Cloth Paper Scissors, Jean Littlejohn shared a trick to dress up the blank page and give it some texture and depth on which to add your photos, drawings, and ideas. Although Jean works in different types of sketchbooks, she finds using old recycled books an effective vehicle for developing themes.

Altering recycled books into sketchbooks

By Jean Littlejohn


Recycled hardbound book (Look for some unwanted books: children's annuals, cookery books, and road atlases, etc. that are no longer special or have outlived their usefulness to me, a book of 40 to 60 pages is ideal; too many pages will prove unwieldy.)
PVA glue
White gesso or white acrylic paint
Plastic container
2 Foam brushes
Waxed paper or parchment paper
Old maps, magazine images, bits of text, and other printed ephemera
Sharp paper scissors or craft knife, ruler, and craft mat

A finished spread from Jean's “Falling Roses” sketchbook. These pages contain splattered paint, text, quotations, and layers of collage and paint.


1. Mix 1 part water to 1 part PVA glue in a plastic container. With a foam brush, glue the pages together in groups of 3 or 4. You are gluing sets of pages together to make a base that is strong enough to handle layers of paint and collage. Make sure to paint each page thoroughly with the glue mixture and press firmly so no air bubbles appear.
Step 1. Once the sets of glued pages are dry, a collage of ripped papers is glued down to add texture.

2. Place waxed or parchment paper between each set of glued pages to prevent the sets from sticking together while drying.
Step 2. A gesso wash is applied to create a drawing surface.

3. When you are finished gluing the sets of pages together, allow the book to dry standing upright on a plastic sheet with the pages fanned out.
Step 3. Here, a light acrylic wash was painted on top, creating a colored background for the drawing surface. Now your journal is ready for some featured imagery and text.

4. Now the pages are ready for further texture to make a complex background for your sketching. Some pages already contain print and photographs. Further elements can be added with the application of collaged old maps, tissue papers, color magazines, etc.

note: If the edges become ragged with these added layers of collaged paper they can easily be trimmed when dry with a sharp knife or scissors.

5. Once dry, paint the pages with gesso or white acrylic paint to make a good surface for drawing. If a thin wash is used, some of the print or imagery shows through and can add an exciting serendipity to the drawings. Paint and ink react differently on the uneven surfaces and add an unexpected dynamic to drawings, as well.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Video from Pam Carriker

Here's a lovely video tutorial on using the "Pan Pastels" (like Teesha talked about in the previous post) to create a Modigliani type portrait. Very clear. Hope you enjoy it!

Want more?

Pam's blog is wonderful as well. Do visit!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Teesha Moore's Art Journaling Videos!!

You can now find art journaling videos from Teesha Moore! I'm so excited! Teesha and Tracy got themselves a video camera and are now documenting the amazing process! So here you go, in order that makes sense. (If you look on You Tube it's a little bit hard to sort at first.)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Need some motivation?

Check it out! Very encouraging!

Let's get busy and fail! LOL!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Recycled Doll Swap

Joyce Kliman's Angel

When I received this beautiful doll in the Recycled Doll swap, I couldn't help but wonder what the story was behind her. So here's what Joyce said...
...this has been a year of acute loss for me, and I have ended up with a lot of stuff that belonged to people who are no longer here. The doll body itself was made by a patient who died (since this is my line of work I end up with a lot of artwork that I am not always sure what to do with, and there is no family to give it to). This year I have decided that I have to clean out my studio and can't hang on to everyone's artwork. I have hundreds of it is with mixed feelings that I am recycling some of it. The fabric of the dress is from Malaysia and there is a story of loss behind that as well. This year angels seem to be a theme and a comfort for me.
What a lovely idea! I'm so glad that I received this angel and I'm so glad I asked about it! I'm thinking that something like this would be a wonderful way to create something positive out of our loss and sadness. I'll bet of we created angels from our sorrows, there would be a lot more light in the world!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Susan Tuttle's "Visual Poetry" class.

I posted this on my blog but it bears repeating here.
Collage by Lani
Just to let you all know that Susan Tuttle is almost ready to offer "Workshop 1: Digital Photomanipulation" again. The four week class will be held from November 1st through November 29th. Registration will begin Sunday, October 25th, 7 PM EST. Spots are limited, so be sure to register promptly at that time. It is an amazing course, "Visual Poetry" is a great name for it, but it's so much more than visual poetry. It's filled with visual delights, wonderful gifts and magical learnings! I've had such a wonderful time learning a whole new "language" and I think you would enjoy it too! Do take a look at our class photos in the flickr group here and sign up soon.

Collage by Lani

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

OK, so life can be very difficult sometimes...

Collage by Lani

OK, so life can be very difficult sometimes, and the road uncertain, but we can remember to bring art supplies and friends! My friend Diane sent me a quote from the wonderful New York Times article April 21, 2009 on the importance of friendship. Although most of the article was about how friendship actually helps us live longer, more healthy lives, it was the very end of the article that caught my eye.

Last year, researchers studied 34 students at the University of Virginia, taking them to the base of a steep hill and fitting them with a weighted backpack. They were then asked to estimate the steepness of the hill. Some participants stood next to friends during the exercise, while others were alone.

The students who stood with friends gave lower estimates of the steepness of the hill. And the longer the friends had known each other, the less steep the hill appeared.

“People with stronger friendship networks feel like there is someone they can turn to,” said Karen A. Roberto, director of the center for gerontology at Virginia Tech. “Friendship is an undervalued resource. The consistent message of these studies is that friends make your life better.”

This idea about friendship making the "steepness of the hill" easier to bear is a wonderful idea. And the best part about this is that being a good friend has nothing to do with our social status, our education, or our abilities. We can all be good friends to each other, and make those uncertain and difficult roads a little easier. So over at 14 Secrets we're playing with these questions as a precursor to creating an art swap:
1. What would you share with friends to make their climb easier?
2. What would you want your friends to bring that would make YOUR climb easier?

And here's what we came up with so far:

Susanna: I would have to bring an open mind and a good sized sketchbook with lots of mark making tools...because sadly I don't know anyone well enough to be certain that they would like/need any one thing...but I think some turtles might be a good start...

Brenda: jello shooters with whipped cream on top--oh yeah!!
glitter--glitter always makes the climb easier.
and helps me cope--and of course Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte makes my heart sing.....

Kim: i love me some chocolate covered ginger but i would also bring some kind of yarn, i do love lucious fibers and it you have some kind of fiber or string, you are able to create and use it for many things on the climb with my 14 secrets sisters......
omg!! coffee is so right...starbucks instant italian roast is a real winner
in a pinch..

Deb: What a wonderful idea.
Both chocolate and tea are a definite yes, to give and to receive IMHO. ;)
Some poetry (and/or pen and paper to write poetry).
Shimmery, iridescent paints. And some unusual brushes and other applicators to play with.

Susanna: Let me see, now that you folks have given me a push in the right direction.
Herb teas ... especially from someone's garden. Home made bread and soup with a flower and herb garnish like what I was served yesterday. Perfect for this weather.
Not a fan of glitter, but I love luscious blendable art crayons and pencils and graphite of all the multitudinous varieties available. Paper that just sucks up whatever you lay on it. and wools, fleeces, fibery, threads, and yarns. Oh yes! knitting is just perfect.
Books, can't get enough about art journalling, art and spirituality, healing properties of art...videos too!
I will bring the soup and bread and we can all dump our favorite art supplies in the centre of the table and play nice and share.
Now I'll start working on specifics.
off to read and knit and draw by the fire!

Lore: OH YES! Tea! Real black tea! Irish or English Breakfast! OR Chai!
I would bring an art journal, and a bag filled with supplies for creating in it. Magic would come along and some pure laughter.
Woops there goes the tea kettle!

Gena: Did you say Starbucks Pumpkiin Spice Latte - it makes me fly....
Oh man, Lani,
What fun, the thought of meeting with 14 secreters at the foot or top of a hill is already inspiring enough... I would of course bring tea :) and ginger :) and ginger cakes :). I also love the soup and bread that Susanna intends to bring :) And well I would bring a sewing machine and fabrics and fibers galore and love a doll-making, fabric anything making session. I would also like to bring a sketch book and a pencil to sketch down the essential. I am also all for a poetry reading/writing ane of course this would all be tracked in my art journal! ANd buttons!
Sounds like we are all sisters in more than one way, hah?
Hugs to you all 14 secreters. Let's climb to the top then roll down together. Oh in fact, now that I think of it, the most important thing for me - if we only got one, and for the sake of simplicity is a good LAUGH!
Here, go here:
Everything else is icing on the cake ;)

Brenda: (re:pumpkin latte)
Yep--and I figured out how to make them at home-and they are 99% ! not quite 100--as I have to do the work myself--and no--no espresso machine here--I have tried the at home versions and they just don't cut the mustard!
--we have pumpkin spice creamer in the "dairy" case here--International Delight..Pumpkin Pie Spice--and to get the froth--a bit of fat free milk in your mug--whip it up with one of those nifty BOUJOUR mini whippers--available at TJMAXX for around $5....pop it in the microwave for about 21 seconds--then add your creamer--coffee--stir gently and top with a hint of nutmeg------------

Susanna: Oh yes, Lore,
Tea, English Breakfast, Chai, herbal...and that real leather ... what a heavenly smell.
I used to love to find a suede skirt or some leather pants in the thrift stores. I remember a royal purple skirt that I scooped for our youngest daughter and then made her a lovely heather mix sweater to go with it. Ooooh I was so jealous not to be 12! so I could wear it of course.
Let's all bring our inspiration journals...the ones with lots of poetry and quotes that make our hearts soar...
We are gonna have so much fun ... I can't wait.

Carol@Swallowcliffs: Basic needs like water and snacks, essential needs like art supplies, soul needs like an open mind, companionship, joy, friendship....

Lore: I would bring things to make healing dolls for us all. ANd wire and things for making a special charm to mark our journey together. Oh and sacred popcorn, my old recipe that my kids named when they were young!
Ya know, we may need a few mules to haul the stuff up!

Susanna: Yeah, mules, donkeys, maybe a large dog or two to help with the load and keep us warm during the night!

Gena: Holy Popcorn!
I love it. I love the donkeys and the pumpkin spice. I love the inspiration journals! Yay!!! And the spiirit that is present. Woohoo, Isn't this fun?

Deb: This is getting wild! I love it!
I'm envisioning gypsy tents with beautiful, ornate fabrics... guitars... campfires....
I'll bring some wholegrain flour and some cinnamon so we can make some gypsy fry bread... warm with butter... oh yum... nothing like freshly made bread shared with friends, right?

Carolyn: I would bring supplies to make everyone a special amulet bag.
maybe some hot chocolate, how about some fun music to keep our minds busy while we're climbing.

Lani: Oh wow!
The journey is getting very richly textured and layered!
I love it! No wonder they say that climbing hills with friends is easier!

Lore: Gypsy bread OH YEAH! Delish!
All we need is each other and a few art supplies!
Thanks everyone this is grand!

Susanna: Yum fry bread and with cinnamon no less...I am drooling think of hot chocolate and fry bread around a campfire with all those colorful gypsy tents' banners fluttering in the breeze.

Maria: And I think I would bring colorful scarfs for all of us to dance with . . . with music played by guitars and natural instruments such as the pan flute to echo in the night air. Of course, all around the campfire!

Gena: That campfire and the colorful scarves are delightful sounding. I think I will bring us little bells to put on as we dance by the fire under the moon after a wonderful day of art making and sharing our hearts and drinking pumpkin spice latt├ęs and eating fruit and soup and home made bread. Gypsy bread? Are we talking about heaven here? :)

Gypsy bread--sounds yummy--I don't think I have experienced this culinary delight..any recipes you might like to share?

Deb: I was actually just thinking of a basic fry bread recipe when I posted, but check this out:
There's every fry bread recipe you can imagine and them some, with campfire cooking instructions. I'm ready to cook some up and enjoy with a cup of your pumpkin spice latte for breakfast! Yum!

Lani: And I found a link on the celticgysycampfire blog for a dutch oven blog! Fabulous for our gypsy adventure:
Re: fried bread, we have something up here called beaver tails.
And in our village we eat "fry doughs" with molasses! Yum.

Now you get the idea, our difficult journey has miraculously turned into a wonderful celebration of the traveling band of gypsy artists! What a wonderful group of friends!
Collage by Lani

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Trying new words and new ideas!

I posted this over on my blog but I thought I'd repeat it here because I had so much fun and because it has to do with Cyn's Wreck This Journal and she had such a good idea!
Collage by Lani

Working in my friend Cyn's "Wreck This Journal" for an RR I'm participating in and I found this amazing sentence. "Dark times call for new words and ideas to bring the colors back into the day." So true! There's nothing quite like learning something new, trying one new thing every day to help us bring color back into our lives.
Today's images are from Susan Tuttle's amazing course "Visual Poetry" and what a delight that is, learning so many new words and ideas!
This shot was into the sun with marbles in an antique glass bottle. I love this but I have to admit I didn't think of it all by myself. I got the inspiration from Azirca's blog. Thank you Azirca!

And finally we have some sweet peas from Edward's garden with some of the "Visual Poetry" treatment. Such fun. It really is hard to keep a grumpy mood going if you are learning something new! Try it out for yourself and let me know what happens.

This is SO cute! And so encouraging!

And there's more here!

And her shop is here!

OMG, and here's her blog! Whew! Is her work just too cute or what?

Friday, September 4, 2009

14 Secrets Stamp Swap

I love this swap, and I was out of my stash, so we held the third round of the 14 Secrets Art Stamp Swap --We made our own pretend postal stamps for the land of "14 Secrets." Sometimes they were 14 Secrets Air Mail stickers or 14 Secrets Mail Art Stickers!!! We printed multiple images on sticker paper or created the stamps directly on the sticker paper for added artistic fun. Sometimes we worked on heavy paper and added sticky dots to the back, to make our own stickers! Our stamps were sometimes all different (like Lore's) or all the same (but handmade! like Carol H.'s), but we made many! Everyone will get back more than 20 different stamps. Here is me diving up the goodies-it was amazing as we had artists from New Zealand to Canada and in the US, from Arizona to Pennsylvania! and so fun!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Playing with Inspiration - Zentangle

Morning pages - Zentangle by Lani

This prompt comes from the current Wreck This Journal Round Robin over at 14 Secrets. It was in susanna suchak's journal. The prompt was to go to, read about it and create something based on it. Well, that was SO much fun, I thought I'd share it here. Part of the fun was the research. There's a lot of Zentangle material out there, even videos on youtube about it. Very interesting! Of course I wanted to know the rationale for creating all these bitty lines on a 3.5" by 3.5" piece of water color paper, since it looked like it might feel a little ... er... obsessive and the kit is a wee bit ... er... expensive. So I found this fascinating blog about rational, cost, and even easy to follow direction.

Zentangle themselves say this:
One day, Maria told Rick (it's their "invention" what she experienced as she drew background patterns on a manuscript she was creating. She described her feelings of timelessness, freedom and well-being and complete focus on what she was doing with no thought or worry about anything else.

"You're describing meditation," Rick said.

Rick and Maria wondered if they could create a simple system so others might enjoy a similar experience. And so began the journey towards discovering this simple and elegant system called Zentangle.

Benefits and Uses of Zentangle

It is fascinating to learn how other people are using Zentangle. Here's a list of ways others are enjoying Zentangle's benefits. This list continues to grow as people apply Zentangle in ways we never considered.

* Relaxation
* Journalling
* Insomnia (Improved sleep by creating a Zentangle before bedtime)
* Self-esteem
* Inspiration
* Panic attacks (For fear of flying, creating a Zentangle during takeoff and landing)
* Modify behavior
* Create beautiful works of art
* Nurture and develop creative abilities
* Relieve stress
* Improve eye/hand coordination
* Develop/rehabilitate fine motor skills
* Team building and group focus
* Therapy
* Anger management
* Addiction therapy tool
* Early artist development and appreciation
* Increase attention span and ability to concentrate
* Home schooling
* Design inspiration
* Stretching and warm-up for artists
* Stress reduction

This all sounded pretty amazing so I thought I'd give it a try. And yes, you do get into that timeless zone of no worries, a lot like you do with contour drawing. At some point my mind did want to run in the opposite direction and that's when I changed patterns rather than putting it down. 3.5" by 3.5" is not a lot of space, just about 15 to 20 minutes worth.
So play with this inspiration and blog about it, then leave us your link!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playing with Inspiration

Secret Life Within by Lani

Continuing to play with inspiration here, I'll leave interesting prompts which will hopefully open doors to increased creativity. This week's prompt is to create a "Secret Life Within" like the above photo (click on it for a closer view where you will find a secret life or two at the heart of the photo). Create your own "Secret Life Within". This can be a photographic image, a collage or mixed media work. Blog about it and leave us your blog address and we'll come visit.

14 Secrets Stamp exchange

Here's a sweet little 14 Secrets mail art image. The idea was to create our own faux postage stamps, so here's mine along with a sheet of them. You can click on these and print them out if you like. Then cut them apart with crenellated scissors, run them through a xyron machine and you'll have yourself some 14 Secrets faux postage stamps.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Are you an art journaler?

Collage by Lani

Carol Moore sent me a link to Pam Carriker's blog that kept me busy for hours. She's posted a nearly personal invitation from Christen Olivarez over at Stampington & Co. to send in your art journals (until August 24th) for possible publication in the January 2010 issue of Art Journaling. She says you can email questions and inquiries to Christen directly. Of course the possibility of publication is nice but what I enjoyed was the youtube link to her videos. Lots of lovely tutorials. Here's one on creating a portrait with pan pastels! Awesome.

And while on the topic of art tutorials, SuziBlu has a couple of new ones on her new blog. I particularly like this one.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Playing with Inspiration

I did promise to post prompts here that we could all work on in our own blogs and link our blogs right here. This will be my first attempt.

Collage by Lani

This prompt comes partly from Leo Babauta's Zen Habits and partly from Richard Wiseman . The thing Leo really gets is that no matter what our medium is, we are always looking for inspiration, things that will help us unlock those doors of resistance and create more easily. Here are a few of the items on his "little but really useful guide to creativity" list. For his complete list , do visit his blog(but I'm sure in actuality an unabridged list would be infinite):
▪ Shut out the outside world.
▪ Reflect on your life and work daily.
▪ Look for inspiration all around you, in the smallest places.
▪ Don’t try for perfect. Just get it out there, asap, and get feedback.
▪ Teach and you’ll learn.
▪ Shake things up, see things in new ways.
▪ Apply things in other fields to your field, in ways not done before.
▪ Write all ideas down immediately.
▪ Turn your work into play.
▪ Play with kids.
▪ Read wildly different things. Especially stuff you disagree with.
▪ Don’t force it. Relax, play, it will start to flow.
▪ Do it when you’re excited.
▪ Don’t be afraid to be stupid and silly.
Richard Wiseman has a new book, 59 Seconds, and website filled with self help ideas that have actually been tested for validity. Here's one that I particularly liked:

Japanese psychologists Seiji Shibata and Naoto Suzuki asked people to carry out various creativity exercises in carefully controlled office environments. Some of the offices contained a potted plant whilst others were devoid of any greenery. Time and again, the researchers discovered that the addition of the potted plant enhanced people’s creativity.

Other work has produced similar conclusions with, for example, an eight-month study of creativity in the workplace conducted by Robert Ulrich from Texas A&M University showing that adding flowers and plants to an office resulted in a 15% increase in ideas... and more flexible solutions to problems...

Why should a little nature have these effects? According to some evolutionary psychologists, seeing greenery might initiate an ancient feeling of calm... Such pleasant feelings then make people more helpful, happy and creative.

59 Seconds tip: Boost your creativity by adding some potted plants to your surroundings.

Now here's the idea, combine one or more of Leo's ideas with Richard Wiseman's idea about plant life boosting creativity, blog about it, and share it here with all of us by adding your name to the list here! The result will be some very happy artists indeed! I'm sure of it!
Playing with Inspiration Participants

1. Lani Puppetmaker

2. Barbara

Learn more about Playing with Inspiration here.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My friends make me smile...

This is posted on my blog as well.

"My Friends Make Me Smile" Collage by Lani

This collage was created because of two things. One was reading the newest prompt over at Creative Therapy, "Tell us about your best friend or the effect of friends in your life". And the other was getting a blogging award from Lumilyon. It's the "Your Blog Makes Us Smile" award. When I think of my friends and the blogs that make me smile I realize it's the same thing. You get to know your friends through their blogs and the more you read their blogs,the more you know them, the more you smile. My friends and their blogs make me smile! So I will pass on the "Your Blog Makes Us Smile" award to my art buddies (from 14 Secrets) Swallowcliff's Art, The Altered Attic, Unshelved Words, Suska's Musings, Basia-Spirit Space, Paper-n-Soul, Nancye's Art and Beautiful Junk, Threads, Pretty Pink Tiara, Articulation, Two Blue Crows, Lore Lives To Create, (and my BFF's from ArtFest) Ellen and Kim who always make me smile and also Noreen who may be fictional and may think Nascar racing is an art form, but heck she makes me smile too!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some more WTJ inspiration from Jamie Ridler and also from "Breathe"!!

I've been enjoying Jamie Ridler's inspiring Wreck This Journal material on her website and also on her "next chapter blogspot". From this blogspot I popped over to several of the linked blogs of others on the "wrecking crew" and found Melinda's lovely blog, Take a Slow Breath. Melinda even took her camera into the shower with her "Wreck This Journal" for documentation, so there's a video of this on her blog if you scroll down a bit. We need Bravery in Wreckage awards!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hi, Just wanted to show off these sweet pocket-books Tabitha and I made on vaction. I was inspired by an old issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine you can see in the photo-I think it's the Dec 2006 issue. We sure are having fun here in a little cabin in the mountains! -Gioia

Friday, July 10, 2009

Do you remember the Guardian Angel Swap back in February?

Several friends were going through extreme hard times then so I set up an angel swap, sending our angels to my friends. You can read about the original swap here Fellow art therapist, Carol Lark was struggling with leukemia at that time. On July 7th, oh happy day, she was given the official IN REMISSION all clear! I'm sure your healing Guardian Angels helped as did the Healing Tags that the 14 Secrets artists sent! Thank you so much, all who participated in these two art swaps!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Catherine's Wreck This Journal

I just finished working in Catherine's journal, and I have to blog it. The journal was simple, like the Samantha's easy-peasy demo, but simpler and there's no concern about what to do with all that yucky lined paper. Contact paper covers both sides of cover images, giving it a lot of strength but keeping it light in weight. She's stitched some patchwork cloth on the spine for added strength. Catherine also stitched pocket on the inside and sewed file folders cut to size in the center.

Here's the front cover.
Here's the back cover:
The open view so you can see the spine:
Inside cover with cloth pocket for our sign-in tags and the flight list.

Here's my spread and sign-in tag:
The prompt I worked on was to use corrugated cardboard to create my spread. I got so into it I had to do my sign in card with corrugated cardboard. I love the weathered texture. Now to add some to my own Keri Smith book.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

More wreckage for the Wreck This Journal

Here's some more Samantha Kira journaling fun:

And if you want to decorate your "wreck this journal" package with a "wreckage" sticker, just click on this image and print it out on blank sticker paper, or regular paper and glue or tape to your mail art!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Wreck This Journal stuff.

Tag for Julie's Journal

I finished working in Julie's amazing and very wrecked (but no human or pet fluids please) "Wreck This Journal". The theme for this round was nature so I added feathers to a page with one feather on it but there's plenty of space for more elements from nature.

Then I chose the "cut this page and weave things into it" prompt and thinking National Geographic is a pretty much nature focused I used pages from that for my weft or warp... not sure which. I tried to merge the colors with citrisolve but I was doing something wrong with that effort. So I put a little homemade walnut ink on my pages to add a certain wrecked quality.

And since we like inspiration here's what happened with another "Wreck This Journal" round robin. One spread was completely stuck together, so I pried the pages apart and found that the wrecking had gotten a little ... er... wrecked. Well I found that I loved that shredded Asian look a lot (like my childhood memories, shredded and Asian)!

So here's my piece which I'll be sorry to see leave Prospect. I may have to do something like this in my Keri Smith book!
Now if you are looking for inspiration but not quite as distressed as this, then take a look at Kelly's blog Dragonfly Reflections. Scroll down to see what she has done to her Keri Smith book. Just lovely!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fabulous Wrecking Links

Carol sent some Fabulous Wrecking Links for all of us journal wreckers and these are so helpful. Thank you Carol and for the wreckers, read on...

Whether you wondered what the wrecking was all about or you knew but were having trouble making the leap, Jamie Ridler has the answer on her regular blog (which is extraordinary by the way!)and on her extra special Wreck This Journal blog. She has lots of helpful videos all about what wrecking is for, what it can do for us. Very helpful!

She's also got some interesting community activity with these blogs. You can participate easily and see what your fellow participants are doing with links to everyone's blog write in the blog posts. Seems like an amazing idea. You can become part of her WishCasting Wednesday by blogging about a wish (there is a prompt on her blog) and then add your blog to her list. Easy. Then go and visit fellow blogger's and support them in their wishes.

Now to figure it all out for this blog, so we could share our good wishes and intentions right here!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Autumn conferences

Susan Anand and I will be presenting puppet and story book making workshops in two venues this fall. The first will be in September for the Buckeye Art Therapy Association, where we will give you all the tools to create your own puppets and books and to create your own workshops. The second venue will be in Dallas at the AATA conference. It will be a full day pre-conference course where the subjects of puppets, stories, books, animation, and art therapy will be explored in depth.

We hope to provide tools and inspiration which you can use in your search for resilience narratives in your own practice. We will focus on finding and developing characters which embody strength and flexibility, creating therapeutic metaphors which can speak directly to the inner artist, and we will look at techniques for putting the resilience narratives into a format which can be easily shared and reviewed, whether that is a story book or a video on youtube. The advantage of using imagery, stories, ideas, and characters from the individuals you are working with, is that strengths and assets are acknowledged, stories are valued, and the learning is therefore "inside out". As a consequence, individuals are engaged and participate more fully in their own therapy or learning (Gerity 2006).

This full-day course will include an introductory narrative with various kinds of puppets, giving participants a range of puppet possibilities. We will provide examples of simple book structures including a book created with one piece of paper, simple pamphlet binding, and an "altered" child's board book - all of which are suitable for most art rooms and most budgets.

The first half of the day will focus on making puppets and characters, using a variety of collage techniques with card stock. Once the characters are developed, participants will create the storybook as a companion art piece for the paper puppet. Participants will experience the ease of eliciting narratives of resilience, healing, and strength, while learning how to create playful paper puppet characters and a simple book structure. Group stories will be created when the puppets and characters come together in small groups. The instructions will be fairly simple so this course can be replicated in most art settings and with limited budgets.

The final discussion will allow for sharing of creations and how resilience, healing, and strength may be discovered when working with puppets and narratives.

For more information, see the BATA SYMPOSIUM website and the AATA CONFERENCE website or email me. Both events look fabulous! Take a look at the keynotes for both! I'm certainly glad to be going. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Do you know Danny Gregory?

For some major drawing inspiration I'd say Danny's website or any of Danny Gregory's books are wonderful. Here's a drawing video.

Portrait Demo from DannyGregory on Vimeo.

Now to go get my art journal!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hope Springs Eternal - Illness and Art

"Art and illness are both a process, a journey, never entirely completed, always a new technique to learn, a new therapy to try."
- Patti Edmon

Patti Edmon sent me a link to her article with some great ideas in it! Plus she mentions her 14 Secrets experience which is a delightful thing to read!! Go quickly and check out the whole article. Get inspired and get some audacious hope! Bravo Patti!Hope Springs Eternal - Illness and Art, Jun 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Do you know Andrea Dorfman?

Do you know the music video for Tanya Davis' song Art by Andrea Dorfman? Very cute! All about Art!

Not bad, eh? Especially the wise quotes about art like "A broken heart can make great art" or "Art can take you places"! Want another one about bravery and blue bicycles?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Do you know someone who may be needing a good wish or a prayer?

You can light a candle by clicking on these candles.

I've been thinking that so many of us are struggling with one thing or another, that maybe a little corner of 14 Secrets could be devoted to good wishes for people, ourselves included of course (it is important to take care of ourselves) would be a wonderful thing. Not really sure how to do that, yet, but meanwhile there is this wonderful website, Gratefulness.Org, which has a place where you can light candles for people or for what ever you would like to light a candle for. Try it out, it's a lovely spot of candlelight on the internet.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Here are some interesting ideas...

Here are some interesting ideas for any journal wreckers out there. What do you think?

Now before we mail out our journals it would be a good idea to try a prompt or two ourselves. So here's the theme, drawn straight from the hat:

A Good Time of Day

So what ever prompt you chose, try to work this theme into it!
More soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More on Wreck This Journal Please - heading out June 15.

Here's the cover now, and it's a simple journal, purchased at the dollar store, and I took out the lined composition pages and replaced them with file folder pages. See Samantha Kira's video, I followed it very easily.
I made little envelopes with cards for people to sign boldly and used back and front inside cover.

Here's a typical page with the prompt. This one is an add-to so anyone can work on this page.

And here's my back cover. This journal will be heading around the 14 Secrets group starting June 15.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dear WTJRR members

Detail from Lani's Wreck This Journal Please.

Lore has just asked for some clarification here and I think that is a marvelous idea.
First of all there are seven of us and we have space for one more.
Second, about the books, I've posted some information here
with a demo on how to create a blank page composition book. (Mail out is June 15.) I've done two of them now, and they are easy. Another option is gluing pages together and gessoing and a third option is to buy your composition style book with blank pages from BareBooks
Mail out is June 15.
Once you have your book and this is really important, please print out the mailing list (it's our database with our addresses) and attach it inside your journal. It could be your sign in page if you art it up a bit, and give people a place to sign in.
Mail out is June 15.
The final step is to create prompts, one per page or one per spread which is how Keri Smith has done her book. You can use her prompts, or alter them, or create your own. If your mind goes blank just google art prompts or art journal prompts or journal prompts and you will have more that enough to fill many journals!
Finally when your journal is ready to go I'll put all of your theme suggestions in a hat and pull one out per 2 week period so that everyone is working on the same general them (color, etc.) but working on different prompts. You get to pick which prompt goes best with the theme.
Now does that sound like fun or what? Mail out will be June 15.
Here's the "Wreck This Journal" website
and many WTJ flickr groups
PS -We'll be starting June 15 so better get started loading up the journals with prompts.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Easy Peasy Wrecking has begun!

Having gotten so enthusiastic about "Wreck This Journal" and the discussion around it on our yahoo group, I really rolled up my sleeves and started to work on Keri Smith's book (which I'd covered with seaweed as a part of the Disintegration Project). I hadn't realized how difficult it is to "wreck" or maybe how much concern I have that things look "nice" (what ever that means).

Anyway the book is really getting wrecked and the more beat up it is looking, the more I'm loving it. Isn't that the strangest thing? I can almost forget about all the creepy little sow bugs that I had to flick off the book. Yuck.

So now on to our Wreck This Journal round robin. I think I'm getting loosened up about the whole thing and I'm ready to start creating. So I went to the dollar store and got a couple of composition books and some file folders and I followed Samantha Kira's easy journal making directions and I'm ready to go. Just going to work on the sign in page and create the directives.

Dollar store Composition Book. These dots could do damage to the retina, I'm sure of it!

Here's the kind of file folders Samantha uses. They are easy to cut down to size and then sand the edges for a uniform (well almost) look.

I bound the file folders into the journal cover, and wrapped the linen theread with some interesting fibers. I added a button in the middle.

This one has some paint, images, and Alex Plus for texture.

Back cover.

Detail. It's really quite a fun activity, the wrecking business. And I really do find insights pop up in the process, which is never a bad thing.